July 14, 2024

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Update Your Website

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Check your details are current.

Your website is the first point of contact that clients will have with your business. It needs to represent your business or organization well and clearly state important information that is vital to the running of your business. One easy way to update your website is to ensure that details such as opening hours, contact details and office locations are still current and relevant. The pandemic has made many businesses change the way they operate, and many businesses have not had time post pandemic to ensure that all the details are current and correct. It is important to do this to ensure that clients can still access and utilize your goods and services.


Ensure it matches your brand.

Your website should mirror your business. This means that colors, images, themes, and motifs, used in your branding and media kits should be represented on your website. Your website should clearly belong to your business and it should give clients and insight into what you offer, your goals, and your business’s vision. If your brand and logo use soft pastels but your website is bold bright colours, you will confuse potential clients and look very messy. Why not hire a front-end designer to help with building your website? This may seem pricey bunch using a professional can increase your overall revenue by drawing in new clients and ensuring that your website is easily associated with your brand and or products.


Get rid of stock photos

A common mistake made by small businesses is using stock images on their websites. This is obvious and it is a big mistake. It does not take long to use staff, friends, or even family members to help you stage photos for your website. Photos do not always need to look professional or photoshopped to look appealing. Using staff in your stock photos is a great idea is it gives clients an emotional connection with your staff and business when they see a familiar face on your website. This can help improve revenue and companies with more emotional values are much more likely to make sales and improve stakeholder relations naturally.  


Ensure your website is cross platform friendly.

Many of your consumers will access your website across multiple devices. If your website is only friendly on a single web platform you are more likely to lose customers especially those who are accessing your website from a tablet or a mobile phone. Users will not continue to browse a messy website on the phone or tablet and are much more likely to disregard the entire company and move on to another group whose website is user friendly for their platform.


Social Media Handles

If your company is active on social media regularly, then you should include links with visual cues to your company’s social media websites and accounts, on your business’s main website. This will help you build natural traffic to your social media accounts which also helps with advertising and two-way communication with your clients.

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