May 27, 2024

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Easy Ways to Strengthen Yourself Against Data Breeches

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Separation between business and personal accounts

In order to ensure business success it is vital to keep personal affairs out of your business. This includes ensuring that emails, personal data, and cloud data, are kept separate and stored separately. If you work from home, you should keep personal data on a separate hard drive or cloud storage from your work or business data. This helps to ensure that you do not mistake personal or work data for each other, and it helps to prevent data theft from outside sources. If you run a business that has other staff it is important to implement a policy that outlines what personal data your staff can store and access from work and their work devices.  


Train employees in internet security

employees need to be aware of how their online actions and activities could have severe repercussions for your organization. The Internet can be a dangerous place for those who are unsure of how to navigate it well. It is your responsibility to ensure that staff know what is and is not acceptable. Staff need to be aware of potential threats to your organization’s cybersecurity to utilize best practice and help you avoid any serious mishaps that could lead to data breaches.  


Build back ups

It is considered common knowledge that all information should be stored on at least 2 devices including but not limited to cloud service, hard drives, and secondary devices. One of the most efficient ways that you can avoid data breaches is to hire a software engineer what database administrator to help your organization build a custom cloud or backup system for important information to be stored on. While this may seem costly it is a small price to pay compared with losing all your information and data. If you are a larger organization, you may consider hiring a cybersecurity expert to work alongside your software engineer or database administrator in order to ensure beast results.


Revise previous attacks and adapt to protect

If you have already experienced a cybersecurity breach or loss of data, it is important to record the experience and use the information gathered in future risk management and change management planning. The best way to manage and prepare for risks such as data breaches is to explore what occurred previously to when these incidents happened. This is a vital aspect of business management and will help you with protecting future data and information.


Understand your legal rights and responsibilities.

Many business owners will forget to check the legal rights and responsibilities off their organization before they plan the management and storage of important data. Depending on where your business or company is registered there may be laws and legislation that dictate important aspects of information management. This can include but is not limited to; ways in which data can legally be stored, how long data must be kept, as client data must be kept for a certain amount of time, and how your organisation is supposed to destroy expired did or outdated data. It is important to follow these laws and legislation to protect yourself and help your company avoid data breaches. 


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