May 27, 2024

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NFC Card and its Benefits

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What are NFC cards?

Our technology today keeps on innovating. It keeps on finding ways to get us all connected with one another. It also searches for ways for us to live safer, easier, and better.

The Progress of technology is seen in communications, office productivity, record keeping, record retrieval, automation, internet research, robotics, machinery, wireless technology, and many others. 

One of the emerging trends of technology these days is the NFC Card. Keep reading to get to know more about NFC cards and the advantages of using them. 

The best NFC technology provider

Commonly known as the NFC card, Near-Field Communication is a result of wireless technology. It covers a short-range transmission effect that makes every smartphone and other device even smarter than ever. Blinq, the best NFC Technology Provider today has a broad idea of the high-end professional identity transmission. 

How does it work?

NFC Technology was first introduced in the early 2000s. It works by enabling two devices to get connected with each other wirelessly. Wirelessly, really? How is that possible?

Well, with our technology that keeps on growing, that is possible. And, in fact, it became better as of today. By simply tapping the NFC card, the transmission of shareable information will begin to process. And it can be processed as fast as the blink of an eye. 

With Blinq as the best NFC technology provider, they offer Blinq watch, digital business card, and NFC card. The NFC card is the last card that you will ever want and needed. By simply tapping the card on any device, that device will receive a notification on the toggle. Simply click that notification and in less than a second, all the information that you want to share will be shown on that device. 

You can choose whatever information you wanted to share. Thus, its purpose is to let them know about your information that will be of their interest. With this card, you may share your basic information like full name, contact number, profession, and even your picture. But that’s not all, there is important information too that you can share. Such as your email address, social media profiles (FB, IG, YT, Twitter, Yelp, and more), and other important accounts like Paypal. This will make the provision of details easier, faster, and hassle-free. 

NFC Cards Benefits


The creation of the NFC cards is mainly focused on the convenience of the users. And they did very well. Here are the proofs of convenience in using the NFC cards.

1. Slip-in on your wallet
You don’t need to carry pieces of business cards in your purse to give individually. You can share your information directly to their phones with just a one-tap card. Forget the traditional business cards and enjoy the impressive outlook of having this extraordinary card. 

2. Tap & Go
This works very fast, wherein in an instance all the details on it will be transferred to the other device accurately. Just the way how you want it to appear. Tap it, and go, you don’t even need to wait for the transmission process because it will arrive right before you know it.

3. Transmit easy
The device you want to share your information with does not need to have the same application. He can receive what you are sending direct to his device. So, expect that there will no hassles for your receiver as well. 

4. Edit anytime
You can edit all the information that you want to share on your NFC card. Using the Blinq App, everything is possible. 

5. Very affordable
You can have your own card for as low as $40, you can choose whether you want it black or white in color. And only $60 for a fully customizable card. 

6. Best choice for individual or team
This works best whether you only want it for yourself or for your business team. Different packages are included in each option. 

7. Works on Android and even iOS
Not like the other apps, Blinq works on any android smartphone and even Apple devices. 

Many are using the Blinq NFC cards now and enjoying their benefits. Be sure to have this NFC card on your wallet for an easier, faster, and more convenient way of sharing your profile. Customize your card with your own logo, text, and color of your choice.

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