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What is ITIL Certification?

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ITIL is an acronym for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a set of standards and best practices that help organizations implement and maintain an optimal IT service management (ITSM) framework.

ITIL consists of a collection of books and other documents that provide guidance on how to design, implement and manage IT services. The primary goal of ITIL is to help organizations improve the quality and effectiveness of their IT services.

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What are The Five Levels of the ITIL Certification Scheme?

ITIL is an umbrella term for a set of best practices to help IT organizations manage their service delivery. ITIL was developed by the United Kingdom’s Office of Government Commerce (OGC) as a way of improving and standardizing how IT services were delivered across the public sector.

ITIL is now used by many private companies and organizations around the world, including banks, insurance companies, telecommunications providers, and government agencies like the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Here are the five levels of ITIL certification:

  1. Foundation Certificate – Entry-level qualification; ideal for those new to IT or wanting to expand their knowledge of how it relates to their organization
  2. Practitioner Certificate – A mid-level qualification; suitable for those who already have some experience working within an ITSM environment and want to further develop their skills and knowledge base.
  3. Intermediate Certificate – A higher level qualification; suitable for people with experience working within an ITSM environment, who wish to develop that knowledge further.
  4. Expert Certificate – An advanced level qualification; suitable for people who have gained considerable experience working within an ITSM environment and who have already achieved intermediate level status.
  5. Master Certificate -This is the highest level of certification available on the ITIL Service Strategy Scheme, and it demonstrates expertise across all five lifecycle stages.

The ITIL certification program was developed by AXELOS Ltd., a joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Capita PLC. It aims to ensure that organizations can implement ITIL effectively in order to gain maximum business benefit from their investment in IT services.

What Are the Benefits of ITIL Certification?

The benefits of ITIL certification are wide-ranging. Actually, you can avail ITIL 4 certification online. As you would expect, it helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the processes and techniques involved in providing a high-quality service management solution. But it also provides you with a greater level of confidence in your ability to implement and manage ITIL effectively, as well as a wider network of contacts within the industry. ITIL certification can be useful for anyone working in IT. The benefits include:

Increased Job Opportunities

There is a high demand for professionals who have earned ITIL certifications. The demand for such professionals has grown significantly over the past few years due to their ability to handle complex issues related to IT infrastructure management and service delivery processes. As a result, individuals who have earned such certifications are able to find lucrative employment opportunities with reputed companies across the globe.

Improved Career Growth

The popularity of ITIL certification has increased significantly over the past few years due to its widespread adoption by various organizations across different industries. As a result, earning such certifications can enhance your career growth as well as provide you with an edge over other candidates during recruitment processes at various companies across the globe.

Better Employee Retention

The average employee spends just two years in a job before moving on to another employer. This means that it’s crucial for companies to offer employees more than just a paycheck — they also need to provide opportunities for growth and professional development.

Better Performance Reviews and Promotions

Senior managers are increasingly looking for IT leaders with ITIL certification because they know it indicates expertise in managing complex systems and processes — something that’s becoming increasingly important as businesses move away from traditional software solutions toward cloud computing platforms like Salesforce and Office 365.

Higher Salary

The average salary for a certified ITIL professional is 38% higher than that of an uncertified employee. In addition, ITIL professionals earn $15,000 more per year than other information technology professionals.

Better Understanding of IT Processes

ITIL certification provides a framework for understanding how IT works from an organizational point of view. This can help you better manage your own work and collaborate with other departments. For example, if you’re involved in a project that involves multiple teams and departments, having a clear understanding of how each group interacts will make it easier for you to manage the project as a whole.

Better Communication Skills

ITIL certification gives you the ability to effectively communicate with other people who have no direct involvement in IT management or operations but need some basic knowledge about these areas. If you are working closely with non-technical staff or business partners, having an understanding of their needs can help foster better relationships between them and your organization’s IT department.

Sum Up

An ITIL certification is a significant step to enhancing your ITIL skills and competency. The ITIL examination test analyses your understanding of several key areas related to business processes, service management, and functional best practices. Therefore, if you wish to become a certified professional in the ITIL scheme, it is imperative that you undertake a formalized training program.

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