April 20, 2024

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Modern Marketing Solutions with Traditional Tools

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Modern marketing is not just about using social media. Many traditional forms of public communication and marketing can also generate leads and sometimes they can have a huge advantage. If you work with older clientele, rural communities, or immigrant communities this can often play in your favour as these groups often feel ignored and neglected by modern marketing techniques that rely on internet access.


Use the press release:

If your company or organisation is having a consultation meeting, a community launch, a youth night or any other event or proposal that heavily involves the community it is a great idea to use the press release to reach out to local media.


Local newspapers are an undervalued resource that can create a large awareness around your group and what you are planning to do. Local newspapers will often feature companies that they think will have a huge positive impact on their community and they are a great way to bring in unique clientele such as older people, ethnic minorities, and religious groups. Local radio stations are also a great way to gain publicity and get two-way communication between your organisation and members of the community!


Create an Email list:

This list should only be made up of people interested in your company or organisation to ensure that you do not generate bad PR from spamming people. If you create weekly or monthly updates on what you are doing it keeps people interested and email is an easy way to communicate. It also has a great advantage in that people can easily forward information on to people they believe may be interested in what you are doing. Create a newsletter or some form of regular update with visual images and ease of reading.


Run a community event:

Stakeholders are more likely to invest in, or take part in, business activities if they feel an emotional connection to your organisation. One way to ensure this is to hold a community event. Something as simple as a community day or an interest evening will ensure stakeholders feel like you want their opinions and not just their finances. If you have more professional clientele then a consultation meeting or a public lecture is a great way to draw people in and generate interest in your group and your ideas.



Word-of-mouth is one of your most valuable assets especially in smaller markets found in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. Word-of-mouth can make or break your organisations chances. Ensuring that you offer a great service, get to know clients on a personal level and ensuring that you are approachable is the best way to ensure that word-of-mouth marketing works in your favour. Something as simple as having a graphic designer create an awesome birthday card and then personally signing them and sending them to clients can help. It is low cost to you in the long run. If someone sees the card when visiting your client and complements it, your client is likely to mention you, and this sends a signal to the other person that you take that extra step with your clients. 


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